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What Websites Should I Be Using Within My Real Estate Business?

We know that there are a lot of websites out there, and social media is only growing every day that passes. We see our agents get bogged down on what websites to use, and what websites not to use. It can be a lot and we see them feeling like it is hard to keep up because every time they turn around, they think they have to sign up for another. We have compiled a list of websites that we think every agent should be using, and explain what they do and why!

  1. - Canva is an easy to use platform to create and edit graphics. All of our marketing materials are built out using and can be easily shared with our agents, or downloaded and be ready to post in seconds! You can also schedule out social media posts through the paid version.

  2. - Later is a social media scheduler platform that helps you schedule all your graphics in one place. You no longer have to go to Instagram and Facebook to post individually. It also lets you preview your Instagram feed and see how it will look like once your scheduled posts are posted!

  3. - Set up your REALTOR® page, claim any previous sales and listings! Ask your past and future for reviews on this page! This ties into your custom website and displays all the reviews for people to read!

  4. - You can set up a business account or integrate your real estate into your personal Instagram. Make sure you set up the account as a business and not a personal page so that you can add your website and be able to run analytics.

  5. - Lets face it, everyone is on Facebook. Having a business Facebook page helps people find you more easily, but you can also share your business posts to your personal page. It shows people that you are active with your business!

  6. - Creating a LinkedIn page to share your accomplishments while at brokerage is important! Be sure to add your brokerage as your place of work.

  7. - Use this website to purchase your custom domain website, and forward your custom domain to the website your brokerage provides you! Suggest using something easy like your in order to prevent having to change it if you switch brokerages!

  8. - Create your Real Estate Google page, a place that people can find you via Google Search, you can also have clients leave reviews here!

By using the websites above, you are improving your SEO for your business. Do yourself a favor and search your name on Google. If your business is not popping up in the top give results, maybe it is time to get to work on social media pages and your Google Business page. People have to be able to find you easily. The easier you can make it for your client to contact you the better!

Are you interested in learning more about how to market your business? Check out our events page to see when the next marketing class is being offered!

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