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How to Plan the Perfect Pop-By

If you’re in the real estate industry, you might be familiar with the term “Pop-By.” But what is a pop-by? A pop-by is just a small gift that you can hand out in-person, with your contact information attached. Pop-bys are often used as an excuse to touch base with someone, and give a friendly "hello!"

Pop-bys are a great way to “pop-by” and leave a lasting impression! Whether it’s for past clients, current partners, new relationships or even as a takeaway from an event you are hosting, they are an easy and inexpensive way to give that extra personal touch.

They don’t have to be large or complicated. To plan a pop-by, just think of the who, what, when and why.

· Who are you going to go stop by and say hello to?

· What item do you want to give out? It could be something personable, something seasonal, something that you know they can use for a while, or something that goes with the theme of your party.

· When is your pop-by needed? What seasonal holidays are coming up (Halloween, Easter, etc)? Are there any fun holidays coming up (i.e.: National Chocolate Chip Cookie day)? When is your event happening and what theme would fit best?

· Why are you dropping by? Why are you hosting this event? Then you can come up with the message that you want to be included on your pop-by.

Once you’ve sorted out the details, pick out your small promotional item to pop-by and give away.

Now that you have your items picked out, let’s create your tags! If you don’t have the resources to create your own, or don't have a team at work to help you, you can find free templates online with taglines already created. If you’re crafty, you can also create DIY tags and labels with items from your local craft store. Once you have the items and your tags, it’s time to assemble and get them ready to pass out!

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