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About Virginia Capital Real Estate

Where Home Begins®

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Virginia Capital Real Estate is not your average real estate company. We are family owned and operated. We treat our agents like family, and we strive to create an atmosphere that you will want to call home for all of your real estate business. We offer our agents an "a la carte" business model that lets them be as involved or as remote as they want to be. 

Transaction Fee Only Company: We are a transaction fee only brokerage. That means we only charge one transaction fee from you... nothing else. We offer a low ceiling that motivates you to "cap out", resulting in you no longer being charged transaction fees for the rest of the year after you have completed and paid 30 full transaction fees. 

Marketing Programs: We have built marketing programs designed specifically for our agents. We do not require everyone to participate in these program, because not everyone's business works the same way. We offer a Website Program for your digital marketing needs, as well as Branding Packages to help brand YOUR business. As long as we are DPOR compliant, we highly encourage and welcome you to develop your own branding, logos, colors, and design, and we can help with all of this! Our Website Program consists of a full CRM platform, dedicated agent subdomain or fully customized agent website, and Social Studio social media scheduler, all for less than $200 per month. We offer a library of internal training videos, as well as two in-person hands-on sessions each month to help you make the most of this system. Our staff will help with the back of the website portion, and can help with any questions that you may have along the way. Whatever marketing you would like to do, our marketing team is ready to assist! 

Education: At VCR we believe that education is powerful. We believe that every day there is something new to learn about this industry. We empower our agents by providing education across several topics such as social media marketing, website and CRM training, branding your business, selling REO and HUD properties, available loan products, and more. We take surveys from our agents and ask what they want to learn, and we dive deep into creating or providing classes on any topic that our agents feels would be beneficial. We also offer one-on-one meeting to go over any questions you may have when it comes to your real estate business. 

ExperienceWe have brokers who have been in the business for over a combined 60 years. They are really good at what they do, and they are passionate about doing it right. There are a lot of different brokerages that will bring you on as an agent, but here we consider you a part of the family. Our brokers will review every contract and listing that you submit and help guide you on best practices for you and your clients. We do not charge you for the review of the contract, we are here to help and see this as an integral part of our responsibility to you and the industry. Our brokers are constantly educating themselves on the new laws that are put out, as well as new policies from RAR and NAR. They stay on top of their game and help guide you into a real estate career that is not only done right, but will help you be successful.


Office: We encourage agents to meet with their clients in our office. As an agent you will have access to our conference rooms, bull pen with computers and printers for your use, offices that you can rent if you choose to do so, kitchen and coffee bar area, complimentary wi-fi, and an open door policy with our brokers and staff who are in the office Monday through Friday.

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