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VCR Training Videos

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TransactionDesk Settings
How to update your notification settings so you see when your items are accepted, or rejected, and why!
How to Use Clauses
This video shows you how to find and use clauses in your contracts, listings, and addendums as needed. Send us requests for any verbiage you'd like to see added!
Renaming & Moving Documents
How to rename a document, and move it from one transaction to another if needed. We also touch on how to copy a document when it needs to be turned in to more than one Transaction, such as in the case of an LLC purchasing multiple properties with you.
How to make sure the broker name populates on your Listing Agreements and Buyer Brokerage Agreements - so they don't get rejected!
Contract Package Submission - YOUR Listing
How to submit a contract package within your Listing Transaction once it is under contract.
Listing Package Submission
How to merge your listing package, submit it, and also how to add an individual item
Adding a Checklist Item
How to ADD a document to your Transaction after already submitting your Listing or Contract Package.
Referral Transaction
How to create a Referral Transaction to upload your agreement when you have an incoming referral payment.
Buyer Side Transaction
How to create a transaction when you are ready to write a contract for your buyer, through the process of creating a signing for the transaction.
Signing for your Listing
This video picks up after the Listing Transaction Creation, showing you how to start a signing once you have gone through the process of setting up your Listing Transaction.
Listing Transaction Creation
How to start a transaction when you are ready to get listing paperwork signed to input a new listing into the MLS.
Submission Instructions
How to complete just the submission process, to be used when you are ready to Merge and Submit your Ratified Listing Package or Ratified Contract Package.
Sharing REO Listing Graphics
Here is how to share the FREE REO Listing graphics we've made for you through your Social Studio in Chime
NEW Social Media Listing Share
How to share a listing through Social Studio, yours OR another agents (with permission!)
Landing Page Settings & Editing
You can change the capture settings on your landing pages!
New Website Tour
Take a tour of our new company website, and see what the agent subdomains and custom agent pages look like.
Listing Marketing
Here is a video showing how the system automatically creates a web page for each of your listings, and sends you an email to help you share this out to all of your Social Media in a few easy steps!
Sending a Mass Email
Here is a quick video on how to send a mass email to multiple CRM contacts at the same time.
Setting Up your Lead Import
Here we have a tour of the lead import spreadsheet to show you how to best prepare for uploading all of your contacts into your CRM.
Getting Started with Chime
Once you've signed up, start here to see a back end tour and find your platform training resources.
Ask Kevin 6.20.24
Listen to the most recent edition of Ask Kevin if you weren't able to come in and join us!
Ask Kevin 5.16.24
This is audio only of our most recent meeting.
MLS Auto Email Setup
How to set up an auto-email for your clients in CVRMLS
Ask Kevin 4.18.24
This one is audio only, with just screenshots of the MarketStats and FastStats Keivn shared with us.
Ask Kevin Lawsuit Update
3.20 Kevin reviews the most recent updates to the compensation lawsuits and what they mean for us
Compensation Lawsuit Town Hall
VCR portion of the 11.9 Town Hall on the compensation lawsuits
Forms Update Town Hall
1/30/24 Meeting to discuss the updates to the Listing Agreement effective 2/1
Gmail Signature Setup
Here is how to get the Gmail signature we created set up in your Gmail! If you need help with creation, let us know.
Standard Forms Updates
CVR MLS presents Michael Lafayette reviewing the Standard Forms Updates (this is from the email you received from CVR MLS on 6/29!)
Just Listed Moving Graphic Template
This is a video on how to update the Listing Graphic template shared to you for your own listings. You can email us to request the template!

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