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VCR Training Videos

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Submission Instructions

This video will take you through just the submission process, to be used when you are ready to Merge and Submit your Ratified Listing Package or Ratified Contract Package.


Selling Side Transaction

This video covers the full process of creating a transaction when you are ready to put together a contract for your buyer, through the process of creating a signing for the transaction.

TransactionDesk Listing Transaction Creation

This video will show you how to start a transaction when you are ready to get listing paperwork signed to input a new listing into the MLS.


Referral Transaction

This video covers what you need to do in order to create a transaction to upload your referral agreement when you have referred a client to another brokerage and are awaiting a referral payment.

TransactionDesk Signing

for your Listing

This video picks up after the Listing Transaction Creation, showing you how to start a signing once you have gone through the process of setting up your Listing Transaction.


Add a Checklist Item

This video covers what you need to do in order to ADD a document to your Transaction file for review once you have already loaded up your Listing or Contract Package. 

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