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Choosing The Right Brokerage

Here are some top factors you should consider when making this important decision.

In the dynamic and ever-changing world of real estate, the quest to find the perfect firm to call home is a journey laden with questions, aspirations, and high expectations. We truly feel that this search is not just about finding a workplace—it's about finding a second home which nurtures your growth, supports your success, and aligns with your values. As we reflect upon our countless conversations with agents we've had the privilege to welcome into our family over the years, we've gained invaluable insights into the essence of what agents truly seek in a firm. Through their candid questions, insightful comments, and unique needs, we've learned what matters most to agents when making this pivotal decision.

We would like to share these insights with you, in the hopes that they may benefit you as you begin, or continue, your journey in this rewarding profession.

Company Culture & Values

Consider the company's culture and values to determine if they align with your own. Factors such as office environment, team dynamics, and support systems in place play a large role. A positive and collaborative culture can contribute to your professional development and job satisfaction.

Something to ask: Does the firm have a mission statement or core values by which they operate? It is definitely a good sign if these have been carefully considered and put into practice.

Commission Structure

Understand the firm's commission structure and compensation policies. Review the split between the firm and the agent, as well as any additional fees or expenses you may be responsible for. Evaluate the potential for earning a competitive income based on your performance.

Tip: It can be helpful to run the numbers comparing what your bottom line will be for each firm you're considering, for both individual transactions and your full year.

Support & Resources

Determine the level of support and resources the firm offers to its agents. This may include administrative assistance, available technology platforms, marketing materials, and networking opportunities. Having reliable support can streamline your workflow and enhance your productivity. As an independent contractor, it can become very easy to feel like a team of one! The right firm will provide the best of both worlds - providing support and resources when you need them, but giving you the freedom to run your business as you see fit, without paying for systems or services you don't use or need.

Brokerage Structure

Understand the firm's brokerage structure. Some firms operate as franchises, while others are independent brokerages or part of a larger network. Each structure has its own advantages and disadvantages, so consider which model aligns with your goals and preferences. Some firms which span multiple states or areas can have a hard time providing local expertise or support if their business model was designed without that specific area in mind.

The big question: How easy is it to get ahold of the person who needs to answer your questions, or to get support or guidance when you need it?

Education & Training

Look for opportunities to enhance your skills and knowledge through workshops, seminars, mentorship programs, or continuing education. A firm that invests in its agents' growth is more likely to support your long-term career goals.

Something to ask: Do the agents at the firm have input when it comes to which seminars or classes are offered? Are classes offered in-person, or only online?

Technology & Tools

Evaluate the technology and tools the firm provides to its agents. In today's digital age, having access to advanced real estate software, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, virtual tours, and online marketing platforms can give you a competitive edge. A tech-savvy firm can streamline your workflow and enhance your ability to serve clients effectively.

What Are Current Agents Saying?

Reach out to current agents to learn what their experience has been with the firm. This can offer valuable insights and firsthand perspective on the company's culture, support systems, and growth opportunities.

We would love the opportunity to talk to you about how we measure up in all of these areas, and more. You can see an overview of what we have to offer here, or schedule a confidential meeting with us here.

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