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What is your commission split?

VCR is a transaction fee company, therefore there are no commission splits. When you close a transaction, there is a flat fee taken out and the rest is paid to you. Once you reach the company Cap you will not pay a transaction fee for the rest of the calendar year. Our Brokers can provide details on this fee.

Do you have a commission cap?

Once you have plateaued and reached the Cap, you will not pay any transaction fees for the rest of the calendar year. Our Brokers can provide details on this Cap.

Do you have monthly fees?

VCR does not charge desk fees, educational fees, administrative fees to your clients, broker review fees, or any other hidden fees. The only fee required is Errors & Omissions Insurance. 

Do you have franchise fees?

There are no franchise fees.  We are a family owned Richmond based company. 

What other expenses might I be responsible for?

You would be responsible for the items you need in order to conduct your business such as your REALTOR® Association and MLS memberships, eKey, signage, business cards, and marketing expenses.

We offer your first 250 business cards and first sign panel free of charge when you join our brokerage. Signage, flyers, and all other marketing material can be purchased through our company store. Our marketing team will help you through the process of making sure you have all the signage and marketing materials you need!

In addition to our spacious bull pen with wi-fi, computers, printer, and shredder, we also have private offices available for a nominal monthly fee, if you wish to rent one. 

What kind of education do you offer?

We offer in-person classes on various topics throughout the year. You can learn to build your business with Canva for Real Estate, Social Media 101, or our bi-monthly Chime CRM classes. You can also increase your sales by attending the Art of Selling Foreclosures or HUD Homes. as well as monthly agent-led Focus Groups. We also keep you in the know with in-house classes on any major legal or paperwork update from our local associations. We focus our offerings on the things you want and need, so reach out if you have an idea or request for a topic you find important or interesting!


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Agent Support

New Agent Mentor & Associate Broker

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New Agent Mentor & REALTOR®

Kevin Kirwan.png

Principal Broker

Leigh Ann Barber.png

Managing Broker

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Head of Operations


1106 N. Thompson Street, Richmond, VA 23230


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